Packaged Pumping Stations with Freestanding Pumps

Packaged Pumping Stations with Freestanding Pumps are designed for the transfer of sewage and waste water from domestic and commercial properties where connection to the mains drain is not possible.

A premium quality polyethylene tank, the depth of which will be dependent on the invert level and storage required, forms the basis for each pumping station and comes complete with internal discharge pipework including non-return and isolation valves, a 110mm rubber grommet for the inlet pipe is also supplied, the inlet will need to be cut on site. A manhole cover is available as an optional extra.

Packaged Pumping Stations with Freestanding Pumps

Automatic operation

Each packaged pumping station is supplied with a submersible sewage pump or pumps, all submersible pumps are selected for their performance and reliability.

Single pump systems come with an automatic pump and separate high-level alarm, while twin pump systems come with manual pumps and a separate control panel and float switches to provide automatic operation. The control panel will alternate the duty of the pumps to ensure that both pumps are used to prevent the pumps seizing up, if the need arises both pumps will be used together to empty the tank.

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Discharge pipework

Coils of MDPE discharge pipework are available in 25m, 50m and 100m lengths (not all diameters of pipe are available in all lengths), and compression fittings to connect the MDPE pipe to the discharge connector on the tank are also stocked.

British standards

All Automated Environmental Systems pumping stations comply to BS EN 12050-1:2001 / BS EN 752-6:1998 standards.

We’re here to help

If you have any questions about this product or are unsure which pumping station is suitable for your requirements, please call us on 01842 819130. All of our packaged pumping stations can be customised to suit your individual requirements.