Pumping Station Controls and Pipework

Automated Environmental Systems offers a range of pumping station controls and pipework. Years of experience building and supplying pumping stations has allowed us to assemble a range or products that offer customers quality, reliability and value.

Control equipment

Control panels are available ‘off-the-shelf’ or custom built. You will not find any printed circuit boards in the best-selling CP01 and CP02 control panels, all components are mounted on rails allowing for easy removal and replacement. Overload relays can be selected to match the power rating on connected pumps. The control panels are available in single or three phase and dual pump systems feature duty standby and duty assist modes to ensure the even usage of attached pumps.

CP02 Dual Pump Control Panel

A range of high-level alarms offers alerts in the event of pump failure or high water levels by means of sounder, beacon or SMS text message

Discharge Pipework

MDPE (Medium-density polyethylene) pipe is used as the discharge pipe on most of our packaged pumping stations. MDPE pipe does not corrode, it has excellent chemical and abrasion resistance, it is flexible and light-weight and allows for ground movement. Installation is easy and pipework can be joined as required using compression fittings.

Coils of MDPE discharge pipework are available in 25m, 50m and 100m lengths (not all diameters of pipe are available in all lengths), and compression fittings to connect the MDPE pipe to the discharge connector on the tank are also stocked.

We’re here to help

If you have any questions or are unsure which pumping station is suitable for your requirements, please call us on 01842 819130. The full range of products is available to view and buy online by visiting www.automatedenvironmentalsystems.co.uk