Mini Drain Small Drainage Pumping Station

The Mini Drain small drainage pumping station has been designed for use where gravity flow or connection to the mains sewer is not available. The Mini Drain is ideally suited to basements, extensions, garden rooms and out buildings.

Mini Drains are designed for easy installation and can be used for the transfer of waste water, but not domestic sewage. If you require a small sewage pumping station please see our Mini Foul sewage pumping station.

Mini Drain Small Drainage Pumping Station

The Mini Drain is supplied ready for installation, the 600mm diameter polyethylene tank comes with a pedestrian rated manhole cover, submersible drainage pump and internal pipework. A rubber grommet is supplied ready for the 110mm inlet to be cut on site.

At a glance

Model:Mini Drain 175Mini Drain 280Mini Drain 420Mini Drain 560
Sump Capacity (Ltr):175280420560
Flowrate Max. (Ltr/min):170170170170
Head Max. (Mtr):9999
Power (kW):
Pumping Distrance Max. (Mtr):200200200200
Discharge Size:1¼ inch1¼ inch1¼ inch1¼ inch
Tank Dimensions H x D (mm):635 x 6001000 x 6001500 x 6002000 x 600

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– 600mm width polyethylene tank
– Choice of tank depth, 635mm to 2000mm, providing storage capacity up to 560 litre
– Internal pipework including non-return valve
– Anti-floation device prevents tank being lifted by ground water level
– Submersible pump with 170 litre per minute flow rate and 9m lift – pump can be upgraded to suit individual requirements
– Automatic operation – optional high level alarm available
– Supplied with one 110mm seal for inlet to be cut on site
– Ready for connection to discharge and inlet pipes

All pumping stations comply to British standards BS EN 12050-1:2001 and BS EN 752-6:1998 standards.


A high level alarm is recommended to ensure that there is no build-up in the event of a pump failure, a 10m float switch is provided with all alarms.

MDPE discharge pipework is available in 25m, 50m and 100m lengths (40mm discharge pipe to fit 1¼ inch discharge on Mini Drain is only available in 100m coil), compression fittings to connect the MDPE pipe to the discharge connector on the tank are also available.

We’re here to help

If you have any questions about this product or are unsure which pumping station is suitable for your requirements, please call us on 01842 819130. All of our packaged pumping stations can be customised to suit your individual requirements.