Hydrojack 75 Automatic Waste Water Pumping Station

The Hydrojack 75 automatic waste water pumping station is transportable and offers ‘plug and play’ installation, all the tools required for installation come provided.

The Hydrojack has been designed for use where the removal of waste water and sewage is required below the sewer level such as bathrooms or kitchens at basement level, the Hydrojack can safely collect and pump away domestic waste water without odours or the risk of flooding.

Hydrojack 75 Automatic Waste Water Pumping Station

The Hydrojack is constructed from high-quality components, the development and production is based in Germany in full compliance with the DIN EN 12050-1.

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– Hygienic collection and pumping of domestic waste water from kitchens, bathrooms and cellars
– Suitable for waste water and sewage
– Unit is ready for ‘Plug and Play’ all tools needed for installation are supplied with the unit
– Automatic and manual emptying
– External sensors do not have contact with waste water for reliable and problem free automatic emptying
– Odour and flood proof
– High-quality construction in full compliance with standard DIN EN 12050-1
– Four inlets DN100 (110mm) and DN80 discharge
– Four-metre mains cable with control unit
– Attractive design which suits installation where the unit is visible
– Useful volume up to 75 litres

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