Hot Tank Pumping Station

The Hot Tank pumping station has been specially designed by Automated Environmental Systems to pump waste water with temperatures up to 90°C, making it ideally suited for removing waste water and condensate from dishwashers, industrial kitchens and laundries.

The Hot Tank itself is a compact GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) tank offering a high strength to weight ratio, additional benefits include excellent resistance to impact, heat and chemicals and a long maintenance-free life.

As well as handling high temperatures the pumps are capable of passing small solids that may enter the tank from sinks or dishwashers.

Hot Tank Pumping Station

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Features and benefits

– Pumps capable of a 10m vertical lift
– Can handle temperatures up to 90°C, ideal for condensate drainage
– Compact GRP tanks are robust, durable and easy to install in small spaces
– Automatic operation with float switches and control panel
– Galvanised metal pipework and metal float switch bracket

We’re here to help

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