Choosing the right pumping station

Whether you require an ‘off the shelf’ solution, such as the popular mini drain and mini foul packaged pumping stations, or a bespoke system designed to your requirements, Automated Environmental Systems can help you when it comes to choosing the right pumping station.

Pumping stations come in a range of sizes and options including guide rails or freestanding pumps, pump alarms, control equipment and MDPE discharge pipework

Packaged pumping stations are divided into two categories for above ground and below ground installation.

Above ground packaged pumping stations

A range of self-contained and manufactured options suitable for the drainage of dirty/grey water, sewage and effluent. Options include lifting stations for handling waste water and sewage below the sewer level and hot tank pumping stations to handle waste water up to 90°C.

Below ground packaged pumping stations

A range of manufactured options suitable for the drainage of foul water, surface water and sewage in areas where gravity flow or access to the main drain is not available or easily accessible.

Pumping stations are available in a number of sizes and depths, with freestanding or guide rail mounted submersible pumps and control equipment for automatic operation.

Tanks are available in 600mm, 1000mm, 1500mm and 1800mm widths and a range of depths from 1m to 4m (larger tanks are available on request).

Ordering from Automated Environmental Systems

Automated Environmental Systems can provide expert advice on the configuration of your tank to ensure that you get the right pumping station for your requirements. While ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions will be suitable for most domestic applications, AES are happy to discuss and advise you prior to ordering. Pumping stations can be ordered through the Automated Environmental Systems website or by calling 01842 819130.

Most tanks are manufactured from polyethylene which is extremely durable and offers good chemical and caustic resistance, being plastic the tanks are also corrosion resistant and installed correctly will offer many years of service. For more specialist applications we can manufacture tanks from GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastics), these tanks can be made to measure and offer mechanical strength and additional thermal or chemical handling properties, dependent on requirements.

For sales, advice and quotes call 01842 819130 or email

AES are happy to discuss your requirements with you and can provide a detailed quote and plans (if necessary). Over the years AES have supplied thousands of packaged pumping stations for domestic and commercial applications, including large projects such as the 2012 Olympic Park in London.

Small pumping stations can be dispatched the same day for delivery next day (orders received by 1.30pm and stock allowing). For larger pumping stations and bespoke projects, AES will work with you to meet an agreed build and delivery schedule.